Chocolate {chicken} Truffles (lowcarb, keto, sugar-free)

photo: chicken chocolate truffles
photo: chicken chocolate truffles

Truffles with erythritol coating

Sooo, let me give you some background because this sounds crazy, I know. Chicken breasts and mozzarella make a mackdaddy chicken parm casserole, but chocolate truffles, seriously?!?! I know. Please don’t stop reading now. These are really good, and the brain child of chicken pizza crust, which I was eating cold, and noticed that the crust had the texture of a great brownie. I mulled it over for a few weeks, trying to convince myself that it wouldn’t work, but I HAD to try it. I did…and it worked. Like for real, I made truffles out of chicken. Yes. Mind blown.

That said, if you have less adventurous diners in your house, don’t tell them, even after they try them. There’s just something that seems very wrong about chicken chocolate truffles to some people. My husband is in that camp…and I made the mistake of thinking he would be openminded. Wah wah. Oh well, more for me!

6 oz chicken breast (1 small), baked with no seasoning, at 425 for 25 minutes
2.5 ounces mozzarella
1 egg yolk
3 Tbsp dark cocoa
3 Tbsp raw cacao
1/3 cup erythritol
½ tsp English toffee stevia
2 Tbsp butter or coconut oil

LC Chicken Chocolate Truffles

Look at those bite marks…smooth and chewy!

Bake chicken breast at 425 for 25 minutes. While chicken is cooking, cube the mozzarella and get everything else ready. Once the chicken is cooked thru, carefully cube it so that you can drop it in your high powered blender, while still hot.

Drop in chicken pieces, into running blender, one at a time, until thoroughly pureed. Add the cheese, one piece at a time to the chicken. It should make a pasty like dough. Add remaining ingredients and blend well, using the tamper to ensure everything is well mixed. Taste dough. Add additional sweetener if desired.

Allow to cool slightly until it’s not quite as sticky and will hold a shape. Roll into 1 inch balls and refrigerate until set. Before serving, roll in erythritol or shredded coconut if desired.


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