Cauliflower Pizza Crust (Grain & Gluten Free, Nut Free)

Got hubby’s seal of approval and he HATES cauliflower. Also makes a nice calzone. Also really good as cold, leftover pizza.

2 Cups of riced, microwaved for 5 minutes with salt and squeezed until it almost died cauliflower
1 8 oz block of cheese of your choice, shredded – Mozzarella and Pepperjack both work nicely
2 oz cream cheese
3 Tbsp pizza seasoning

Mix everything, either in a food processor in with a hand blender (if you have already riced your cauliflower and your food processor is dirty, that’s what I recommend) until well blended.

Spread on a parchment lined cookie sheet, approximately 1/4 inch thick (you can go thicker, but adjust your cooking times accordingly.)

Bake at 405 for 10 minutes, take it out and flip it (gently) and put it back in for another 5-10 minutes before you add toppings.


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