Smoked Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder – Smoked
1 pork shoulder, 12-15 lbs, cut into 6-8 “chunks” by the butcher…yes, they look at you funny when you ask for this, but they will do it…

Dry rub:

1 Tbsp Salt

1 Tbsp Pepper

1 Tbsp Onion Powder

½  cup brown sugar –OR — ¼ cup brown sugar splenda

1 Tbsp Oregano

½ Tbsp Garlic Powder

½ Tbsp Paprika

(If you have another spice(s) that you like and want to add…probably wouldn’t hurt. This is by no means an “exact” science)

Remove the plastic from your pork pieces and carefully cover each piece with the dry rub…make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of your pork pieces. I usually do this in a bowl…be generous. If you need to make more rub, that’s ok.

Refrigerate pork pieces (I use the Styrofoam that it comes on and just wrap it up tightly in press and seal, place it on a tray so that when – not if, but when – it leaks, it doesn’t get all over your lettuce) for at least a few hours, preferably a day or two.

 Heat grill to medium heat and add wood chips (our favorite is apple, but hickory is nice too). Place pork on grill and turn every 10-15 minutes or so until all the sides of your pork chunks are browned and caramelized. Add more wood chips if necessary. (When we did this, it took about 1 hour). Once all pieces are browned, remove from grill and transfer to crockpot.  Dump any juice that has escaped into your bowl and pan on top. Don’t add any other liquid!

Cover and cook over low crockpot heat for 8-10 hours (we did this overnight). Once done, remove all bones, as the meat will FALL off of them. Serve immediately or refrigerate until you are ready to serve. To reheat a lot of it – put it on a pan in the oven at 350˚ for 20-30 minutes / 300˚ for an hour. To reheat a small portion, the microwave works spendidly…



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