Hello World – I’m a bad blogger

I don’t try to be a bad blogger, in fact, I was doing pretty well with my postings last year. Then, 2010 hit and it was going to be my goal to post even more recipes, both lowcarb and cheat style, and instead, I just didn’t. oops.

I have actually be writing down my recipes on a notepad – I know that’s so 1995 of me…but I started doing it at the request of my husband…so I could actually recreate the recipes he ends up really liking, instead of shrugging sheepishly when he asks me to repeat a meal and saying “I’ll try, I don’t really remember what I put in that”

So, I digress. I’m sure that all 5 of you “followers” are wondering what, exactly, has cuased me to return to my blog and actually type in a few of my recipes from the past 2 months…well, to tell you the truth, it was someone telling me that their wife visits my blog all the time. She’s not a follower, but I guess people really are looking and enjoying my recipes. He said that the only one that his wife had tried had turned out really well…sooooo, I feel slightly guilty for not sharing more of my recipe genius with the world. HA.

Really, my notepad is covered in oil spatters and if the recipes don’t make it onto this blog, they may be lost forever!

Side note…see the photo below to take a peek into my oven today…roasted cauliflower on the bottom, braised cabbage and Soy Thyme Chicken on the top. Prep work has been done for the majority of the week…it has been a good day! Now, onto my recipe posts. I promise to do better…And, if you want MORE recipes…start commenting and following…I’m very susceptible to guilt by a loyal following šŸ™‚



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