OMG – Braised Cabbage w/ Bacon

 Head of Cabbage – loose out leaves removed, outside rinsed
4 pieces of Bacon
2 Tbsp (Approximately) Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
Salt & Pepper – Not sure on measurements…but use twice what you think you should.

Preheat the oven to 400 – 425 (gas ovens, 400 / electric ovens 425).

Cut the cabbage into chunks. I usually do fouths and then cut each quarter into 3-4 pieces. Break them apart a bit as you put them in your lasagna because it’s all you have roasting pan. Drizzle the olive oil over the pieces…it’s ok if it seems like a lot or too much for the pan – it shrinks…A LOT! Liberally salt and pepper over the olive oil (Probably 1-2 Tbsp of each). Do the same with the garlic. Cut up the bacon into small pieces and sprinkle the raw bacon over the cabbage. Spread it out over the whole pan.

Put it in the oven and don’t think about it for at least 45 minutes. Check it then, if the tops are browning/crisping, stir it around. If there is a lot of water in the bottom of your pan, remove it with a baster or a ladle (the less liquid the better). Put it back in for another 45 minutes and repeat the same process. In some ovens, it will be done after these 2 rounds. In my oven, it takes a third. Do it until its wilted and there are some brown parts. The bacon should be crispy and the cabbage should be soft.

OMG – try not to eat the whole recipe…your digestive system will not appreciate it. It’s good people…I swear. If you try it, let me know what you think!


Soy Thyme Chicken Thighs

Easy peasy recipe that is just as lowcarb as it is delicious. The radishes will fool even the most pain in the ass picky non-low carbers into thinking you made them potatos. Trust me…they’ve fooled my Dad who HATES fauxtatoes, faux rice, etc! Promise.

6-8 Chicken Thighs (boneless, skinless)
Salt and Pepper
1.5 tsp Olive Oil
1 slice of bacon (yes, really, one slice)
2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1/2 c. Dry white wine
1 Tbsp Splenda
1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme (fine, losers you can use dry…just cut it in half)
15-20 Radishes, washed, ends removed and cut in half (just under a pound)
1/2 Large Red Onion, diced largely (.5 inches each or so)

Heat a large saucepan/high edged frying pan (at least 3 inches high) until it’s HOT. Sprinkly salt and pepper liberally on one side of the chicken thighs. Add olive oil to the pan. Lay the chicken thighs in the hot pan, salt and pepper side down. Season the other side w/ salt and pepper. (I had to do this in batches, 3 thighs per batch). Allow the thighs to brown…don’t cheat yourself here, it will take a little while especially with the first batch. Brown them on both sides. Remove thighs to plate once browned on both sides.

Cut up single piece of bacon into small pieces. Drop carefully into the same pan you just removed the chicken from. Allow the bacon to crisp, stirring it around as needed. Once it’s all crispy and delicious,  add the halved radishes and the onions. Season the veggies with a healthy pinch of pepper (Easy on the salt, unless you are using low sodium soy sauce) Stir around in the pan drippings until the veggies are evenly coated and you are starting to drool.

Allow the veggies to hang out for 3-4 minutes to allow some flavors to develop. Add the mustard, the soy sauce, the white wine, and the splenda. Stir it around with the veggies and drippings until it’s all combined. Bring it to a bubble (a little less than a rolling boil). Lay the browned chicken pieces on top and kind of nestle them down into the sauce and the veggies. See photo below. Ignore the splatters…I wiped them up when I was done.

Isn’t this starting to look good? Yes, it is.

Ok, so after you nestle the chicken,  sprinkle it with the fresh unless you are a loser thyme. Cover the pan and place in your pre-heated 400 degree oven.  Cook it for 2.5 hours. You don’t have to touch it during that time, but if you are curious and want to check it after about an hour and a half…I won’t judge. I’ll also tell you that if you check it, you should turn the chicken and re-nestle. Not an imparative step…but helpful.

Remove it and check the radish tenderness after 2.5 hours…they should be more than tender and the chicken should be practically falling apart. If it’s not, check to make sure you’re oven is on…just kidding. If it’s not, throw it back in for another 30 minutes 🙂

Enjoy…You could serve this over rice for non-lowcarbers, or over fauxrice if you are a low-carber…unless your my Mom. You can also just eat it as is. Hubby and I did. Yum!

Hello World – I’m a bad blogger

I don’t try to be a bad blogger, in fact, I was doing pretty well with my postings last year. Then, 2010 hit and it was going to be my goal to post even more recipes, both lowcarb and cheat style, and instead, I just didn’t. oops.

I have actually be writing down my recipes on a notepad – I know that’s so 1995 of me…but I started doing it at the request of my husband…so I could actually recreate the recipes he ends up really liking, instead of shrugging sheepishly when he asks me to repeat a meal and saying “I’ll try, I don’t really remember what I put in that”

So, I digress. I’m sure that all 5 of you “followers” are wondering what, exactly, has cuased me to return to my blog and actually type in a few of my recipes from the past 2 months…well, to tell you the truth, it was someone telling me that their wife visits my blog all the time. She’s not a follower, but I guess people really are looking and enjoying my recipes. He said that the only one that his wife had tried had turned out really well…sooooo, I feel slightly guilty for not sharing more of my recipe genius with the world. HA.

Really, my notepad is covered in oil spatters and if the recipes don’t make it onto this blog, they may be lost forever!

Side note…see the photo below to take a peek into my oven today…roasted cauliflower on the bottom, braised cabbage and Soy Thyme Chicken on the top. Prep work has been done for the majority of the week…it has been a good day! Now, onto my recipe posts. I promise to do better…And, if you want MORE recipes…start commenting and following…I’m very susceptible to guilt by a loyal following 🙂